Dan Lawrence, Marketing: Recent article on Pro Food World

The manufacturing skills gap and the importance of tech tools.

As Director of Marketing at Simutech Multimedia  , I was asked to do a Q & A  with Pro Food World, the leading publication for Food Production and manufacturing. In the article titled “Bridging the skills gap with tech tools”, I answer questions on everything from, “What is simulation training?” to  “How can food and beverage manufacturers use simulation training to educate and engage employees?”

Read my recent article for Simutech Multimedia on Simulation Training here: Bridging the skills gap with tech tools.


Published by Dan Lawrence | Growth Marketing Leader in Canada

Dan is a growth leader with over a decade of progressive experience in marketing products and scaling companies within the Technology, OnDemand and Manufacturing spaces. Dan combines his strategic-thinking, demand generation and team-building abilities to ensure optimal business performance and realize significant revenue enhancements. • Deep knowledge of the peer-to-peer and on-demand economy • Responsible for taking product ideas and feedback from concept to market • Customer acquisition and growth hacking in the B2C and B2B sector • Analytical skills including the ability to see granular as well as big-picture • Brand management and consumer communication • Responsible for developing and maintaining successful strategic partnerships • Focus on identifying opportunities to improve product design and increase conversion

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