Dan Lawrence, Marketing Judging Committee at Stevie Awards

I’m on the Marketing Judging Committee at the Stevie Awards!

I’m thrilled to announce, that I will be on the Marketing Judging Committee at The American Business Awards (Stevie Awards).

My 10+ years of growing and marketing Canadian startups in the technology space has provided me with the opportunity to identify a great marketing strategy from something that may not work.

I am grateful for the chance to be a judge at the Stevie Awards, and once again help small and large companies in North America to celebrate their marketing successes!

Published by Dan Lawrence | Growth Marketing Leader in Canada

Dan is a growth leader with over a decade of progressive experience in marketing products and scaling companies within the Technology, OnDemand and Manufacturing spaces. Dan combines his strategic-thinking, demand generation and team-building abilities to ensure optimal business performance and realize significant revenue enhancements. • Deep knowledge of the peer-to-peer and on-demand economy • Responsible for taking product ideas and feedback from concept to market • Customer acquisition and growth hacking in the B2C and B2B sector • Analytical skills including the ability to see granular as well as big-picture • Brand management and consumer communication • Responsible for developing and maintaining successful strategic partnerships • Focus on identifying opportunities to improve product design and increase conversion

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