The Marketing Round-up: Marketing Stats and News For The Week (Facebook, Instagram, Net Neutrality, and more.)

From important marketing statistics to key strategy, here’s a round-up of this week’s marketing news.



69% of C-level respondents said their marketing strategy was effective compared to 55% of individual contributors.

Among the 6,000+ respondents who were surveyed by Hubspot this year this year, 69% of C-level respondents said their marketing strategy was effective compared to 55% of individual contributors.


  • C-level executive (CEO, CMO): 69%
  • VP/Director: 68%
  • Individual contributor: 61%
  • Manager: 55%

You can access the full report here

Marketers Fear Increase In Advertising Prices Due To FCC’s Plan To Kill Net Neutrality

A Majority of marketers fear that killing Net Neutrality could lead to the end of Marketing. The FCC’s proposal would affect everything from advertising prices to viewability standards — resulting in stunting innovation and competition. Many marketers also believe that without net neutrality, creators and brands will struggle to achieve ROI goals.

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Only 30% of Instagram posts get seen

Although Instagram boasts the highest engagement rates in Social Media. According to Sprout Social’s recent article, almost 70% of Instagram posts are not seen — due to Instagram’s new algorithm that focuses more on past page engagement when choosing what content people will see.

Read more Instagram Stats here

Learn more about how to improve your visibility here

Research says: Omni-shopping is the new norm

While customers are still going to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers for a majority of purchases, their path to purchase now passes through a wide range of digital, mobile and social channels, reflecting a shift in behaviour that is changing the face of shopper marketing.

According to Criteo’s recent report, the most popular ways of shopping are: “Ordering online and picking up in-store”, “researching online and buying in-store”, and “seeing something in-store and buying it online”. Also reported, 89% of shoppers said appealing product photos can sway their purchasing decision.

You can read more here 

Facebook Will allow Americans to see the Russian Posts They Read

After Facebook claimed that 126 million+ people in the U.S. may have seen posts produced by Russian-government-backed agents. A new Facebook tool will let Americans see if they fell for Russian propaganda, the tool is set to be released by the end of 2017 on Facebook’s online support center.

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Published by Dan Lawrence | Growth Marketing Leader in Canada

Dan is a growth leader with over a decade of progressive experience in marketing products and scaling companies within the Technology, OnDemand and Manufacturing spaces. Dan combines his strategic-thinking, demand generation and team-building abilities to ensure optimal business performance and realize significant revenue enhancements. • Deep knowledge of the peer-to-peer and on-demand economy • Responsible for taking product ideas and feedback from concept to market • Customer acquisition and growth hacking in the B2C and B2B sector • Analytical skills including the ability to see granular as well as big-picture • Brand management and consumer communication • Responsible for developing and maintaining successful strategic partnerships • Focus on identifying opportunities to improve product design and increase conversion

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